October 28
05:50 AM


Our company was founded in Bremen in the year 2002.
Based on the sound education and decades of experience in the trade of our team in agricultural products, the company has developed over the years to a European and worldwide scale brokerage firm. Almost all areas of the agricultural market are covered with the main emphasis on corn, rapeseed and rapeseed meal.

As a serious, “Hanseatic” company, we see ourselves as mediators between the producers, retailers and final consumers. The mutual trust between these parties and us is the fundamental basis of our business. Our customers are agricultural trading companies, cooperatives, compound feed mills, flour- and oil mills throughout Europe and surrounding areas, but also in global worldwide territories. The long experience of our team has over decades built up very good and traditional connections, which we are happy to share to assist and support your business.

Our team would be happy if we would help you with your activities!
We look forward to hear from you!